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Welcome to Lux Baby Box. At Lux Baby Box, we're just like you! We love both giving and receiving beautifully coordinated, luxurious gifts.
Let's face it: gift giving can be stressful. We don't all have the time (or desire!) in our hectic lives to search through countless stores, coordinate our purchases and then gift wrap it all. That's where Lux Baby Box comes in... let US do the hard work for you. That's what we do. We source quality products, coordinate them and then wrap everything to perfection as we put together practical, beautiful and memorable baby gift boxes that are just right for a new mom or mom-to-be.
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Being a new mom can be stressful. We believe that receiving a gift, especially as a new or expectant mom, should be a memorable and luxurious experience. At Lux Baby Box, not only do we curate our products with care to ensure they're practical and beautiful, we also aim to create an unparalleled unboxing experience to pamper each mom or mom-to-be.
Welcome to the Lux Baby Box Family!
Wishing my customers lots of love & many joyous occasions. 
 , Aliza
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