10 Best Baby Gifts

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Is your office throwing a baby shower for a colleague? Did your sister-in-law just have a baby? Did you totally forget to get something for the neighbors with that cute little (still kind of new...) baby? We know you want to ace that gift and at Lux Baby Gift, we've got your baby gift giving covered (and we'll ace it for you!)
Top 10 Baby Gifts
Here are some trendy, super-cute baby products, many of which come in our curated, coordinated luxury baby gift boxes:
1. Baby Shoes - We got Baby Moccs (Moccasins) and Baby Mox ( Mock Oxfords) - just too cute for words! Super soft and the fit on the ones we carry from "Sweet N Swag" are amazing - will fit even the tiniest feet and ankles. They come in girl, boy and neutral shades and come packaged in a fabulous gift box:
baby girl moccosinsbaby shoesbaby moccasins
2. Mini Minky Blankies - What baby (and mommy) doesn't need an extra blankie, especially in a warm, soft minky fabric? Our mini minky blankies are amazing for sleeping safely in a crib or taking along on trips in a stroller or car seat. Our blankies from Sweet Ruby, have a ribbon tab that easily snaps to hold a pacifier or rattle OR...drumroll (this is genius!) snaps around a stroller or car seat bar so it doesn't get lost on a trip around town! And that is important...how many of us have horror stories or have heard horror stories of lost blankies which of course result in lost sleep for all:-((((( And of course these mini baby blankets come in our boy, girl or gender neutral gift boxes.
mini minky blankiemini minky blanketlittle baby blankie
3. Pacifier Clips - We just talked about lost blankies and now we'll mention all those lost (or just dropped on dirty floors with no place to wash them) pacifiers. Many of Lux Baby Box's gift packages come with a pacifier clip (which of course coordinates with the rest of the super cute gift box!) We have several styles - braided, beaded and vegan leather.
braided suede pacifier clipsweet n swag leather pacifier clipbeaded pacifier clip
4. Infant Hats - An item that's always needed for those teeny, tiny babies who are not yet regulating their body temperatures as well as we grownups do. And we at Lux Baby Box feel that if you're going to put an infant hat on your baby anyway...of course it's got to be cute and you can never have too many. It's right on the head and will be in every picture you take of baby! Lux Baby Box gift boxes have pom pom hats, knot hats and just plain sweet beanies from brands such as Kate Quinn Organics, L'oved Baby and Maniere Accessories. 
kate quinn infant knot hatl'oved baby infant hatmaniere accessories baby pom pom hat
5. Bandana Drool Bibs - Another item a mom can't have to many of...unless she wants another excuse to keep changing baby's clothes all day. (Our guess is she'd rather just sit and chill for a bit...or better yet, catch a cat nap!) Drool bibs were always popular to put on little babies to catch their drool and spit up, but recently they have really been taken up a few notches to become quite the fashion accessory! We carry adorable, soft bandana style drool bibs made by Copper Pearl and Maniere Accessories. 
copper pearl baby drool bibsinfant drool bibs
6. Multi-Use Cover - This is a genius, super multi-functional gift for a new mom. The ones we carry by Copper Pearl are stretchy, super soft cotton and can be used as a nursing cover, car sear cover and shopping cart cover. When a mom's running out the door, the less stuff she's got to worry about remembering (and stuffing into the diaper bag), the better.
5 in 1 multi use cover copper pearlnursing cover nursing cover
7. Muslin Swaddle Blanket - Another daily baby necessity that come in several of our gift packages. Muslin cotton blankets are great for baby for many uses - swaddling/wrapping, layering, burping, snuggling and more. Moms will appreciate their practicality as well as their cute patterns. They get softer will each wash!
cotton muslin swaddle blanketmuslin baby wrap
8. Baby Onsie - Onsies are a great gift because they are of course very practical and they also work no matter the season. For winter babies, they are used as the first "underwear" layer under a long sleeved outfit and for summer babies (if they're cute!) they ARE the outfit. We have organic cotton onsies from Kate Quinn Organics as well as L'oved Baby that we just can't praise enough.
loved baby bodysuitkate quinn organics bodysuitloved baby bodysuit
9. Baby Footie - Footies or Stretchies are a new mom's best friend. Of course the occasional jeans and skirts are adorable on a baby, but a soft, sweet one piece (no socks to loose!!!) footie is always a favorite. The soft, cool cotton ones can even be used on summer babies, after all they're still learning to regulate their temperature and whether a cool outdoor breeze or chilly indoor AC, those footies will come in handy.  
organic stretchy for babiesl'oved baby organic footiel'oved baby organic stretchy
10. Baby Teether - Whether teething or just exploring the world though their mouths, teethers are a great way to quickly sooth or entertain a baby at home and on the go. 
There it is! Our 10 suggestions for favorite baby gifts that are both practical, cute and always in demand. 
baby teethersbaby teethers
 , Aliza
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